Do You Have What It Takes To Run It?

Run It Performance is a cutting edge running back specific program serviced to help develop serious athletes, led by former High School/College All-American and NFL Running Back Arlen Harris. Our goal is to educate and train young football players to maximize their full skill levels at being a ball carrier. Coach Harris has the unique experience of having success at every level from youth to his professional playing career. He is now using those same disciplines learned, to master his expertise as a trainer/coach to prepare the next generations of complete running backs across the globe. There are so many different style ball carriers, and with the face of offenses consistently changing on how they utilize their backfield, it is very important to learn from someone who has a strong background in multiple offensive schemes in order to help turn your weaknesses into strengths.  

Anyone affiliated Run It Performance will tell you that Coach Harris takes his brand and who represents it very seriously. Coach Harris prides himself in delivering affective and affordable services to every athlete who understands the importance of preparation and possesses the will to perform at a high level. Quality service is our greatest asset as a business due to the professional atmosphere and high expectations set.  The day to day challenge of accountability to our clients helps us to strive toward excellence and allows our staff to provide a winning environment.