“First session I ever had with Coach Harris I did things that were uncomfortable. I wasn’t used to being challenged that way, but he turned my weaknesses into strengths. He also improved every aspect of my game this year and it showed on the field. Before training with him I was a decent back, but now he turned me into a great Run It Back ”

Dalvin Warmack 
Blue Springs H.S.
Kansas State University

“It’s important to develop a blue collar work ethic as early as possible. You grind in practice so you can eat on game day. Run It Performance is a great opportunity to experience training that will elevate your game and prepare you for the next level”

Ezekiel Elliott
John Burroughs H.S.
Ohio State University

“After my first 1-on-1 with Coach Harris, I was convinced he new what it took and that I needed to stick with him during the offseason. Even though I’m a bigger back he really helped me to understand when to use my size as an advantage and when I have to play small at times.”

Chase Abbington
Fort Zumwalt South H.S.
Mizzou University

“Run It has taken my game to the next level, not only physically but mentally as well. Dissecting a defense before the play, being patient to the hole, and knowing where defenders are and their responsibilities. Coach Harris is a great mentor as well. Not just about football, but life decisions and I know I can talk to him any time.”

Teddy Williamson
Fort Zumwalt West H.S.
Ball State University

“I can honestly say if it wasn’t for Coach Harris helping me out, I would not be the running back and young man I am today. Hard work does pay off!”

Jonathan Parker
Christian Brothers College H.S.
Iowa University

“I’ve been training with Arlen since I was playing youth football and never did he let me settle for mediocre. He’s helped me become a complete back and I feel the transition into college has been a lot easier since training with him over the years.”

Donte Harrell
Francis Howell H.S.
Tennessee Martin University